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Wild Horses

 Your visit to the Xeni Gwet’in Caretaker Area offers a rare glimpse into a land where people have trod lightly, in harmony with nature and in keeping with Xeni tradition.  This is a land where you will be both humbled and inspired by massive mountain ranges, high alpine lakes and mighty carnivores; where a sense of freedom reigns and you meet each day with excitement and wonder.

Sightings of these horses are quite rare, so your best chance is to engage the services of a local Xeni guide 

Wild Horse Viewing Tours
7 day tours
6 to 8 people per trip

Based at one of the lodges, you will spend one week in an area known to be inhabited by wild horses. Each day is an adventure as you track them from horseback or on foot to catch a glimpse of them before they see you.  Other wildlife is sure to show itself as you meander through the beautiful landscape. The area is vast and the meadows are numerous but your Xeni guide will make the most of your day as you seek the wild horses in their natural habitat. 

Culture and traditional knowledge will be shared and your meals will include some traditional foods such as fire roasted ribs, grilled salmon  or fresh home-made bannock.  You may go on a lake tour, visit, the traditional village, earth lodge and spend time around the campfire sharing stories, customs and legends as you learn about this ancient culture and how the people depended on these amazing animals for their very survival.