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About the Logo

Legend of Ts’yl-os is captured in the mountain peaks:

Many years ago, before the arrival of white settlers, a man and his wife lived in the mountains near Konni Lake. 'Eniyud, after not getting along with Ts'yl-os, flung her newborn into Ts'yl-os's lap, and took three of her six children, and left, headed to the Tatlayoko Valley.

With Eniyud gone, Ts'yl-os and the three children turned into rock, the infant still nestled in his father's lap. 'Eniyud traveled with her children to the other side of the valley and also turned to rock. Their figures can be viewed from Xeni Lake.

A sense of water and rivers is captured

The three waves capture the rivers in the region and give a sense of motion and freedom through reference to a feather like quality.  The lower wave is specifically shaped as a feather to represent Xeni’s strength and determination while the two waves above represent the two major rivers – the Chilko and the Taseko.

An image of a wild horse is captured

The imagery of the horse refers to the unique wild horse population in the area and also gives a sense of freedom in an untamed land.

The long history and traditions of the Xeni are captured

The bold use of ‘XENI’ in the brand identity conveys strength and stability – a sense of permanence and long history on the land.

Choice of colours – blues/greens

The choice of blue and green reflects the importance of the nature, the strong link to the land.  The blue is rich and deep; the green clean and spring-like – combined they offer strong traditional values and new, fresh experiences for visitors.

The single feather

Represent Xeni's strength and determination and the other two wavy lines above representing the two major rivers (waters) in the Xeni Caretaker area - Chilko and Taseko.