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Xeni Gwet'in Traditional Village

Photo by Mike Hawkridge

Completed in 2008, the Traditional Village site includes a winter lodge and covered shelter and was developed to interpret Tsilhqot’in culture and traditions of the Xeni Gwet’in People. We will demonstrate how the People prepared meat and fish to dry, roast or cook under ground in the ancient ways. The site provides a space to share traditional ecological knowledge as well. Let us customize a trip for you – from 6 to 30 people can be accommodated daily in any type of weather. Built within Ts’yl?os Provincial Park numerous Wilderness Lodges and Nu Chugh Beniz campsite are nearby to provide accommodation. It is the perfect venue for cross-cultural workshops for visitors to gain more awareness of Tsilhqot’in tradition and culture. Overnight lodging in the Earth Lodge can be arranged for your tour.