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Medicinal Village

Ts’utanchuy Dadabeni (Southern Hummingbird Medicinal Lodge)
Healing Arts for the Body, Mind and Soul

On the shores of Chilko Lake in a spectacular setting, this rustic environment provides the perfect location to purify body and spirit and open new pathways in our lives while listening to traditional songs, flutes and drumming. Chose any of the following to customize your visit and take in the healing nature around you.

Join Gilbert Solomon, a Xeni Gwet’in community member that has attracted healers from all over the world to develop his vision for a local healing lodge set on the shores of Chilko Lake in Nemiah Valley. Working with aboriginal people from the east coast of Canada and Mexico, the lodge was constructed by hand and represents years of dedication and hard labour to establish an international healing community within the Xeni Gwet’in Caretaker area. 

"In aboriginal culture, health is not measured in a degree of physical well-bring. Usually physical illness is seen as symptom of a person’s loss of touch of balance with the spirits who inhabit all things. To regain balance and be healed, one must seek out the spirits and re-establish close, personal ties with them. Medicinal ceremonies help to facilitate this process. "


 - K.J. Scotta, Sault Ste. Marie Band member of Ojibwa Indians


Traditional healers invoke powers to expel negative energies from the body, mind and spirit using ancient aboriginal practices to allow your spirit optimum healing and balance. Blending Tsilhqot’in and international medicines experience a cleanse through a:

  • Smudging Ceremony
    Smudging is a purification ceremony that is practiced among many First Nation peoples in North America. Similar to the sweat lodge ceremony, smudging is a healing ritual and cleanses the body, mind and soul. However the actual practice of the smudging ceremony is simpler than that of a sweat lodge and therefore it is commonly practiced by oneself or in a collective with other ceremonies, gatherings, serious discussions or just to start the day. Using traditional medicines which represent the earth element and when lit represents the element of fire. The feather used to maintain a sufficient stream of smoke represents the element of wind.

  • Tobacco Treatment
    For many First Nations people, tobacco was an important component of Native cultures in two main aspects: Ceremonial and Medicinal. For thousands of years Traditional tobacco has been used by many First Nations people to pray, give thanks to the Creator and Mother Earth, pray for a good harvest or better fish catch, rites of passage ceremonies (birth, weddings, funerals) and to seal peace with enemies (peace pipe). As a medicine traditional tobacco is used to treat earaches and snakebites.

  • Medicinal Bath
    Using a variety of medicines and the clean pure water of Chilko Lake, immerse yourself in the environment to nuture your body, soul and mind. The heat will make you sweat out the impurities while sipping on a herbal tea to relax the mind and listen while your hosts play the flute, sing and drum as Chilko Lake laps at the shores.

  • Massage
    Massage is given to promote relaxation, improve circulation, relieve tension and expand a range of motion. In combination with the medicinal bath or as a separate treatment you can expect to experience a harmonization of physical and energetic body to achieve radiant health and vitality.

  • Sweat Lodge
    The Sweat Lodge, also known as the purification lodge is a traditional cleansing and healing ceremony practiced by most Aboriginal nations. It requires the combination of all the natural elements: water, fire, air and earth. It is one of the many ancient traditions that survived through years of prohibition, ridicule and denunciation. It is one of the most frequently performed ceremonies, playing a large role in contemporary native culture.

    Traditionally, men are responsible for the gathering of the saplings and building of the lodge. After these preparations, the women will prepare the grounds of the lodge for the ceremony, careful to cleanse the Earth around the lodge.