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Lions, Tigers & Bears….oh no! Grizzly Bears, Big Horn Sheep & Mountain Goats – oh yes!

Looking for untouched wilderness? Snow capped mountain peaks reflected on sparkling alpine lakes? Hoping to see grizzly bears, big horn sheep, mule deer, eagles, mountain goats or catch a glimpse of the elusive wolf or mountain lion? There are very few intact ecosystems left on this planet, but one that remains is remarkably accessible although few have made the journey there.

See grizzly bears as they gorge on salmon in preparation for their winter hibernation. Guided grizzly bear viewing trips take advantage of the peak fall season when the bears are drawn to the Chilko River to feast. The Chilko Valley has one of the largest concentrations of grizzly bears during the peak season in the fall.
It is not uncommon to see many large boar grizzly bears as well as many sow and cub combinations.

Or, take a combined horse pack trip and alpine hiking adventure and search for mountain goats and big horn sheep. Day trips are available but the true immersion into this untouched wilderness requires several days of adventure and several nights under the stars. One week horse pack trips are ideal and also present some of the best photo opportunities in the world, amidst rugged glaciers, mountain meadows, alpine flowers, crystal clear lakes and streams, and abundant wildlife.


The Xeni caretaker area offers some of BC's best salmon and freshwater sportfishing. There are over 1,000 freshwater lakes and over 1,500km of rivers and streams with some of the best salmon and rainow trout fishing in the world.

Whether you're a flyfisher, troller, stram or river fisher, you'll absolutely love the fishing here. You can find rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, brook trout, bull trout, kokanee, and steelhead.


Wildlife Viewing
Wildlife Viewing

Whether your focus is on wild horses, bear, birds or salmon spawning, your guide will lead you out on the land to explore our amazing wildlife.   With a huge number of trail choices it will depend on your focus for the journey.



There is nothing contrived about a visit with the Xeni – depending upon the timing of your visit, there are several festivals and events held throughout the summer. These festivals are for the Xeni people themselves to enjoy – but visitors are welcome to attend and participate.